Friday, February 05, 2010

POM Wonderful and the plague of locusts in my home

POM Wonderful sent a sample of their Pomegranate juice for me to review. I usually like to take a photo of the product I review, but here's all the plague of locusts in my home (aka my teen son and growing daughter) left me with.


Ah well. I've seen the cute little bottles at the grocery store, but I've always thought "Pomegranate? Bleh!" POM makes claims about the antioxidant content and they like to brag about the tens of millions of dollars in scientific research that shows the health benefits of drinking POM. But if it doesn't taste good, what good does it do? The stuff is pricey, and I'm generally skeptical of superfood health claims.

I took a swig of POM's juice (100%, no sugar or other ingredients added) and it's actually pretty good. It's tart and sweet, reminiscent of cranberry juice but not quite as strongly flavored (in my opinion -- other reviewers say the flavor is stronger!)

Don't take my word for it, though: see what my children did! They don't care about POM Wonderful's sponsorship of Garmin - Transitions Cycling Team, or that their fruit is all grown here in California, their local manufacturing and bottling operations, or the antioxidant content. They just like the flavor and they're asking me to buy more at the store.

POM Wonderful is available pretty much everywhere you can buy refrigerated juices, at least here in California. POM Wonderful's pomegranate juice are generally available larger bottles. Some of the flavor combinations with Kiwi, Mango, Blueberry and Cherry seem especially intriguing to me.

More information at POM Wonderful.


HenryMar said...

I haven't tried the juices but their Pomegranate Black Tea is delicious.

Ron said...

Wait! You're not recycling?

Yokota Fritz said...

@Ron: Of course I am!

Erik Orgell said...

The POM stuff is good, pretty expensive though. I've had the regular and the Cherry so far and like both.

Though reading their scientific research page, there are some statements that seem a little stretched (red wine is a health beverage?).

Besides, you know I've already got a great superfood supplement that I love.

Dweendaddy said...

That was the least cyclicious post I have ever seen on this blog.

Ron said...

I love that stuff.

SiouxGeonz said...

They are a good excuse for tossing in the rest of the ingredients for a Pommartini...

Wirehead said...

I like pomegranate but didn't feel that the taste/cost ratio of POM was adequate.

There was a study published last year that suggested that too many antioxidants were blunting some of the health benefits of exercise... and there's a bunch of studies that have failed to show a benefit from various supplemental antioxidants. So I'm taking a progressively dimmer view of marketers who claim such benefits.

I generally end up drinking tea and water (with occasional wine drinking and chocolate milk post-ride) and that's got the major force of habit and economics behind it, so I take a fairly dim view of most other beverages.