Thursday, March 30, 2006

Bay Area temp housing

Fritz posting here. I need a place to stay. I'm browsing Craigslist for a 1BR to rent through the end of May in the SF Bay Area. Since many of you read Cyclelicious from the Bay Area, I figure why not post my quest for a room here?

I'm willing to pay up to $750/month for a room beginning this Monday or Tuesday (April 3-4) until the end of May, though I have some flexibility either way on the start and end date. The room will be just for me, my clothing, personal hygiene stuff, laptop computer, cellphone and one bicycle. I'd like to be within about three miles of a Caltrain station. Free WiFi in the vicinity is a bonus. I'm sociable but quiet. The only mind-altering drug I take is caffeine.

I'm focusing mostly around Menlo Park, Palo Alto, and the South Bay, though I may go as far north as Millbrae and maybe even into South San Francisco. East Bay locations near the Dumbarton Bridge (e.g. Fremont or Newark) would also work well. I don't mind sitting on the train for an hour and a half if the price is right -- i.e. I'll take your guest room in Gilroy if it's cheap enough.

All I'm looking for is a reasonably quiet place to crash at night, eat my bowl of cereal in the morning, and occasionally eat dinner at night. If all you have is a bare floor, I'll buy an air mattress, folding chair and card table. I also plan to be gone about half the weekends through May.

Please contact me if you have something like this! I can meet you beginning this Sunday.


gwadzilla said...

what is a boutique bike?

should I check with WIKIPEDIA?

nick said...

Good luck

Tom Stormcrowe said...

Fritz! Good luck in Baghdad by the Bay!