Monday, March 27, 2006

Carlton Reid podcast

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Carlton Reid, editor of Bike Biz, has a Podcast site. In his latest audio blog, Carlton interviews Elizabeth Train (Bikes Belong) and Andy Clarke (League of American Bicyclists) who talk about the role of advocacy in securing $5 billion on U.S. Federal spending for cyclists and pedestrians.

Locally, Boulder County is spending $1.7 million to widen Nelson Road, a very popular cycling route running five miles from Longmont to the foothills. I ride this road often and I would personally enjoy the benefit of extra space if I weren't moving next week.

Dangerous roads, dangerous drivers

Cycle Dog writes about them both from the perspective of the Vehicular Cyclist. I ride vehicularly and I'm teaching my children to do the same. There are roads, however, that I take regularly that I'll bypass when I my children are cycling with me. My son (age 10) is confident in riding on most city streets. The only roads he avoids are narrow streets with very heavy traffic -- he's not quite confident enough to take the lane -- and streets with heavy, high speed traffic like this one. This photo was taken from my bike during my evening commute; the speed limit is 35 switching to 55 right after the intersection.

My daughter still rides a trailer bike for longer trips. Saturday my kids and I biked a total of 17 miles around town, my son on his bike, me pulling the trailer bike and and a kids trailer so I could haul dog food and other things I purchased.

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