Monday, March 20, 2006

Bicycle news and blog report

"We stop at lights" by Too many bicycles
Eight secrets to cycling in traffic is an excellent How-To from Biking Toronto. This from Bisbee.

Another great find from Bisbee is Bob Roll's new website and blog. Bob "Bob-ke" Roll is OLN's off-beat cycling commentator. Well, he calls it the "BLOG-ke," except it doesn't have any of the features that usually define a blog, like the ability to comment, to trackback, or to even subscribe! If there's interest (leave a comment) I may create a feed like I did for the BRaIN website. Graham notes this shortcoming also: "a blog with no feed is like corn flakes without the milk!"

Tour de France predictions: Bobke thinks the winner will be "someone who isn't on the radar." KWC's motto: "Predict early, predict often. That way I get more chances to pretend I was right." KWC then gives his assessments of how Americans will do in 2006. Aisner said in his interview the other day that the winner will be Lance. Though Floyd Landis is looking great in the early season, I'll thrown my hat in with Deductive and say that Jan Ullrich will win in August.

New mountain bike film from The Collective: ROAM will be released in April or May.

Random writes about our roadbike ride last week on washboarded Boulder County dirt roads. There's something exhilarating about zooming 25 mph on a dirt road when you hit a soft spot of loose gravel. We finally hit (paved) Neva Road where we chased down an OCP on a sweet CF Orbea and took turns being a wheelsucker for about five miles when I had my first asthma attack of 2006, and me without a rescue inhaler. I slowed way down and managed to relax enough to get some air into my lungs, but the rest of the ride home was a struggle.

Speaking of Boulder County: Tyler Hamilton has been participating for years in the local Boulder Criterium series. This local race series is completely unsanctioned, but the UCI and USA Cycling are threatening action against licensed racers if suspended racers participate. Read more at TDF blog.

Velorution always has excellent posts and links to great articles. Instead of linking to individual posts, I'll just say go there and scroll down.

Folding bicycle photos from the Taiwan bike show. I may move to California soon; if I do, I'll likely use Caltrain to get to work; if I do, I'll probably get a folding bicycle. Which one should I get for SF Bay Area commuting?

I interviewed the inventor of Gel-Bot last week. He's a Boulderite who recently moved to Menlo Park, CA. I also interviewed a car-free Dutch transplant to Toronto for his perspectives on cycling in Amsterdam versus Canada. Watch for these articles later this week on Cyclelicious.


Andrew Turley said...

RE:folding bike for Caltrain

I had the same thought when I moved up to SF (I work in Palo Alto). I decided to wait and see what it was like, and I've been riding for six months and I've never had a problem getting on a train with my bike. Granted, other commutes may be different, but if I were you I wouldn't spend the money unless I had to.

kwc said...

I second andrew. The trains that stop at Menlo Park are the less crowded trains. If you're taking a 7:30AM train, maybe, maybe you need a folding bike. I take trains between 8AM-10AM and never had trouble.

nick said...

Those 8 secrets are fantastic.