Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Colorado State Patrol lifts event cap

During a news conference at State Patrol Headquarters, Chief Trostel confirmed that the cap on bicycling events "will not be implemented now or in the foreseeable future." Bicycle Colorado Director Dan Grunig commended the State Patrol and Colorado Department of Transportation for their leadership.

In place of the cap, State Patrol is adopting recommendations from a working group consisting of the State Patrol, Bicycle Colorado, and the Colorado Department of Transportation.

Bicyclists are pleased to have the State Patrol collaborating closely on bicycle safety. Here are some of the key outcomes designed to create better events for bicyclists:

* A revised guidebook identifying best practices to promote good planning and safety during bicycling events
* The State Patrol's *CSP cell phone hotline may be used by bicyclists who observe motorists driving in a threatening or unsafe manner
* Many event directors are taking additional steps to promote bicycle safety education, including new training classes and roadside signs with safety tips and reminders
* Improved communication to work with law enforcement to proactively keep roads safe
* New support for developing complete streets that are designed to be safe for all road users

The tremendous interest generated by the proposed event cap displayed how important bicycle events are to Colorado and this announcement will ensure they continue.

Bicycling events attract tourists to Colorado from all over the world, pumping millions into the state's economy, boosting tax revenues, and raising critical funding for local charities.

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