Saturday, April 22, 2006

Williamette Valley Stage Race

The Williamette Valley Classic is a four stage bicycle race around Eugene, Oregon. It started Friday, it's over on Sunday. Helmet tip to Bike Friday Walter for this info; the fault is all mine for getting this out so late.


Crazy Bike Chick wants to eliminate blind spots on large trucks. Is this feasible? There's a reason trucks have signs with "PASSING SIDE / SUICIDE." I was following a truck in East Palo Alto; the truck was going painfully slow down a residential street -- 10 mph and less. I was a little bit tempted to pass this big rig, but I knew that passing on either side could mean death for little ol' me. I just waited until the driver got to his destination.

Happy Birthday to Blue Collar MTB. They're now in the terrible twos! wins a prize.

Velochimp sez "High gas prices mean you should ride more."

French Transport Minister appoints national cycling promotion chair."

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pswansen said...

Blind spots on an Over the Road (OTR) truck are a problem for both the driver and those around him or her. Having driven OTR, it's bad enough to have cars in blind spots. Bikes would be like a fly or misquito is to us, for the truck driver. Safety is a real concern for the Trucking industry and they are doing what they can to help eliminate the blind spots. Of course, the chief component in checking the blind spots is the driver. So it's not so much as eliminating the blind spots, as it is training and educating the drivers to constantly check their blind spots.