Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Year and make of my primary vehicle

When I visited the BRaIN today, a box popped up with a survey for Bicycle Retailer and Industry News. A question came up about whether I own or lease my "primary vehicle." My primary vehicle is a 1986 Centurion. The followup question then asked details about my car from the previous question. You'd think the folks designing a survey for a bicycling magazine would know that not all road vehicles are automobiles.

Seven and Audi sittin' in a tree...

Seven Cycle
Speaking of cars and bikes, Seven Cycles has partnered with Audi of America for the product launch of the Auddi Q7. Seven will provide bikes in Audi's Streets of Tomorrow "Experience" showcasing technology that demonstrates "the latest innovations to enhance the customer’s everyday experiences.”

Chinese bicycle manufacturers report shortages in carbon fiber. “We were ... close to just shutting down completely,” said Eric Koh, assistant general manager of Martec, one of the world’s top manufacturers of carbon fiber frames.

More Bicycle News

This is excellent: Sports Illustrated says bike racing is still worth watching even in this post-Lance era.

Citizen rider relates a tale of a freakish bike accident.

OLN is changing its name to Versus. Hmmmm.

Hit a cyclist with your truck and drive off, and "the incident seems less deliberate and more accidental." Unless the cyclist you hit happens to be a cop.

Missoula Montana mayor moves around without the car.

NIMBY: Bike trail will be a funnel for criminals. Or not.

Western Massachusetts has a new bike map.

Random Recall

This is off-topic for this blog but the picture in my mind is too funny. A couple of brands of gasoline-powered backpack leaf blowers are being recalled "due to fire hazard." According to the CPSC, "Hot exhaust gases can escape from the muffler and could melt the fuel tank or ignite grease, oil or debris around the fuel tank, posing a fire hazard." I'd hate to have this flaming backpack on my back. Fwhooom!

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