Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Bianchi theft: Publicity stunt?

Rumor mill: Bianchi heist was hoax; Bianchi brand for sale

Do you remember the one-of-kind Bianchi Armani Haute Couture bicycle that was reportedly stolen in 2005? Freewheel believes this "theft" might have been a publicity stunt. He writes
A high-end store such as Emporio Armani has stringent security measures in place. A thief is unlikely to get away with stealing a tie, let alone a bike. In addition, there are countless security cameras in operation at Caesars Palace. There’s no way someone could walk out of there with a bike and not be caught on film. So, where’s the picture of the thief/thieves?

I hereby declare that the Great Armani Bike Burglary is a hoax.

A publicity stunt.

Armani wants you to believe that the Emporio Armani Sportbike is really, really valuable. That the bike is sought after by discriminating thieves.

In reality, the Emporio Armani Sportbike is an overpriced hybrid.
Read also Freewheel's followup.

While I'm passing along unsubstantiated rumors about Bianchi, I might as well mention that financially-troubled Cycleurope may consider selling the Bianchi brand. Via Dirt pedaler, which saw it at The BOSS Report.

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