Monday, November 27, 2006

Cyclists love to commute

Statistics Canada released a report on "Workers' perceptions of their daily commute" [PDF file], which says this about cycling to work:
Cyclists differ from other workers not only because of their small numbers, but also because they are much more likely to enjoy commuting to work.
According to this report, 59% of cyclists enjoy their commute, compared to 37% of those who drive a car to work. Furthermore, 19% of cycling commuters report that commuting is their favorite activity of the day, compared to only 2% of drivers.

Via Warren T, who got it from Treadly and Me, who saws this at Philadelphia Bicycle News.


willow naeco said...

What's wrong with the other 41% of cycling commuters? What is not to love about riding to/from work? No matter how crappy the work day is, there's always that great ride home. Jeez.

Fritz said...

My theory: they'd rather drive but can't because of finances or too many DUIs. In my area (and probably yours) most utility cyclists are recent immigrants who see bicycles as a symbol of poverty that they're trying to leave behind. They came to the U.S. to take part in the American Dream, and part of the American Dream is a home in the burbs and a big fat SUV.