Thursday, November 23, 2006

More about CLIX quick release

Fixedgear mentioned the CLIX quick release the other day. It's kind of ingenious, but read Karl Karl's deconstruction of Montague's CLIX quick release.

I'm on the road this weekend and I'm posting this from a dial-up AOL account so my followups are much slower than usual. I'm thankful for all of you who visit Cyclelicious! Have a wonderful weekend.


Karl said...

And another thing:

You will probably need special proprietary roof rack parts if you want to fork-mount a bike with this system. Even if the rack's fork mount can grab the bike's fork ends, the wheel (with the clix skewer) probably won't fit in a standard rack wheel holder due to the non-adjustable skewer.


miagisbambubike said...

Just a quick side note the second comment on Karl's review of the CLIX quick release is by a Montague Inventive Technologies dealer. This should be noted.