Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bike world news

Ron in Cincinnati, Ohio publishes Bike World News. Ron focuses mainly on UCI Pro Tour racing, but he also look at cycling culture, technology and new products. His latest post, for example, is on one of my favorite road bikes, the Specialized Roubaix SL2. He even writes of the Roubaix that it has that "perfect balance of stiffness and vertical compliance." What else do you need to know about a bike?

Bike World News.


sumadis said...

EVERY review of a highend carbon road bike - esp. Specialized - has the quote "perfect balance of stiffness and vertical compliance". It's even in their press kit for cripesake.

Fritz said...

Like I wrote, it's all you need to know about the bike :-)

Anonymous said...

Dentist bike!

sumadis said...


maybe in the 09 Specialized lit, they can say 'explodes into at least four pieces when confronted with immovable object.'

Have a delicious weekend Fritz!