Thursday, July 24, 2008

David Cameron's bike stolen

British Member of Parliament and Conservative Party head David Cameron had his bicycle stolen. Cameron, who regularly bikes to his office at the House of Commons, stopped at a grocery store on his way home from work. He locked his bike around a bollard, which is a post set in the ground. Witnesses say some kids lifted the bike up and carried it away, presumably so they could cut the lock off later.

Of his bike, Cameron told reporters, “If anyone has seen it I would very much like it back. To me it was absolutely priceless.”

The Dutch Tourist Board, who completely missed the part of the news that said Cameron locked his bike up inadequately, offered a free self-locking Dutch bicycle. The self-locking feature of many Dutch bikes is often a wheel lock of some kind, which does not prevent the kind of theft Cameron was a victim of. Dutch bikes are often very heavy, though, which itself can be a theft deterrent.

A hat tip to Jerry for this news.


FixedXorBroken said...

Locking to a bollard is pretty foolish. Anyone who could life the bike waist high could lift it off.

SiouxGeonz said...

Hey, *I* would have been tempted - some famous dude leaves his bike stealable? I"d find a way to auction it :)

Fritz said...

I guess the USA equivalent would be if House minority leader John Boehner had his bike stolen. Except for Boehner, who is one of the top recipients of private air travel, you'd have to steal his plane.

Roger said...

I wonder if David Cameron will find a way to blame Gordon Brown's Labour Party for the theft during next week's Questions to the Prime Minister? The Labour Party is to blame for all of Great Britain's problems, don't you know?

Anonymous said...

The thieves did Cameron a big favour by stealing that bike.

Now he can buy something suitable for a prospective British Prime Minister. I suggest he should, in fact, buy two new steeds, both of British origin: a Pashley Roadster Sovereign, or even a Phantom if he can lay hands on one; and an ICE TRICE QNT tadpole tricycle.

Naturally, both purchases would offer wonderful political opportunities, with vists to Pashley in Stratford-upon-Avon and ICE in Falmouth.

Did the thieves, by any chance, also make off with Cameron's cycle helmet? If so, another blessing. Come on, David, ditch that thing — it only reinforces the myth that cycling is a dangerous activity.

Fritz said...

Cameron's bike, alas, was recovered and returned to him recently.