Monday, July 07, 2008

Google maps announces Streetview Europe with Tour de France routes

Google launched their European edition of Streetview last week which provides an interactive "street view" of various map locations. The really cool thing is that they launched with almost the entire Tour de France 2008 route included in their Streetview coverage. Here's the view from Avenue du Commandant de Champagny in Cholet near the beginning of Tuesday's Stage 4 time trial race.

View Larger Map

If you click on the view to go larger, you'll see that Google (appropriately enough) uses a bicycle icon to note the location of the street viewer on the map.

Scrolling through the Google Streetview isn't quite as exciting as the real thing, but it's a great way to see the Tour de France stages from the driver's seat, so to speak.

I just noticed that Carlton was on this news like stink on an old soiled chamois.


Ron said...

I looked at that, it was pretty cool. I didn't know when this streetview thing came on but its really nice.

Hey, I tagged you in another game (i know right). Here's the link

Alex said...

The funny thing is that the town shown in the google video is definitely NOT Narbonne, even though the operator clicks on Narbonne. Narbonne has a very gentle canal flowing through it, not a river. The map itself seems fine though. Very odd!

Warren T said...

Ah hem.