Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Celebrities and invisible bikes

I know some Cyclelicious readers think my celebrities on bikes posts are a little strange.

I'll raise your strange and take you to bizarre with these celebrities on invisible bikes photos.

More photoshopped celebrity fun at Holy Taco.


Duncan Watson said...

I like the celebrity bike photos. It helps raise awareness.

andi-kam said...

Hahaha that is awesome! Keep these posts coming. Had a look at the ones on Holy Taco too

Bike_Boy said...

Riders on a tandem would make for an interesting invisible bike pic.

Erik Orgell said...

I like the invisible bikes. They make people look like total dorks! Haha! It would be neat to see the same thing done to a peloton in full downhill mode.

Yokota Fritz said...

@Duncan: I have an ulterior motive -- I get a lot of search hits on these celebrities, but I hope the people looking for "[celebrity]" stick around for other bike goodiness.

@Andi: Some of those other Holy Taco photoshops are pretty funny. I like Einstein on the invisible bike!

@Boy: I think I've seen an invisible tandem around somewhere, but can't find it now (because it's invisible?)

@Erik: Ha ha! I like that idea!