Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Lawyer vs. Lawyer

Jeff Detlefs is an attorney with Kerr Brosseau Bartlett O'Brien in Denver. He was allegedly driving drunk on the shoulder of I-70 at Evergreen Parkway when he struck cyclist Rex Hegyi with his Lexus GX470 SUV. Rex is an attorney with the Jefferson County public defender's office.

Detlefs, who had three children in the car with him as he drove drunk, left the scene. Police tracked him down because his front license plate fell off in the collision. Rex Hegyi remains hospitalized in serious condition.



wirehead said...

Anger about one of "our own" being hit by a drunk driver outweighs the urge to make a lawyer joke.

Actually, never mind. I've got a good one.

Did you hear about the lawyer who ran over a cyclist?

Yeah, they caught him when he tried to hand the injured cyclist his business card in case he wanted to sue the driver.

Yokota Fritz said...

*rimshot* --

I was tempted to do a lawyer joke but declined because the guy's in the hospital, but yours is pretty good.

Anonymous said...

Good one wirehead, in this case he handed him his license plate, even better than the business card.

bikesgonewild said...

...thank you, jack...