Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hump Day Bicycle News

Huff: Facebook foils bicycle thief.

A Chinese woman bicycles past a new, massive housing estate under construction in Beijing

Video: Inside look at the bike builder's shop.

Kos: Bike Ride A Day comment:
When I was going into the 9th grade, I asked my Mom to get me excused from P.E. on account of my asthma. My asthma really wasn't severe, but my adolescent angst was, and I just couldn't bear the thought of enduring a daily opportunity to embarrass myself in front of my peers while wearing polyester shorts in a most unfortunate shade of blue.

And so, I assumed the mantle of gawky, uncoordinated nerd.

Fast forward to today. McDoc bought a bike last summer when we moved closer to his workplace. He wanted me to get one, too, so we could tool around together, but I declined, stubbornly sticking to my preference for walking.

McDoc can be stubborn, too, though, and when he took his bike in for a tuneup last month, he suggested I test ride a bike, just for grins.

OMG, it was so fun!
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Norcal Bikers on Plus 3. I'm on there too -- look me up.

Cyclist kills pedestrian, jailed and banned from driving for a year. In the meantime, drivers who kill cyclists mostly get a slap on the wrist. Holier Than You reports on the SF Pedestrian Body Count.


kit said...

I love you Fritz but sometimes I think you're too quick to jump on the victim bandwagon. I'll give you that a citation for vehicular manslaughter is unforgivable.

But killing a ped while riding on insanely fast on the sidewalk is heinous, as well.

And making a direct comparison between two entirely different countries' judicial systems is really a stretch. Show a UK driver who killed a cyclist and got off with just a citation and you'll have a better case.

Yokota Fritz said...

I admit it's pretty weak -- I almost didn't put it there because the connection is tenuous. I agree -- the cyclist flying down the sidewalk killing great grandma needs the book thrown at him.