Thursday, May 25, 2006

Bicycle smörgåsbord

Unlike East St. Louis, if you steal a bike in Japan you'll just rot in jail.

Looking for cycling events and rides? Visit

Some implications of the Liberty Seguros bust at TDFblog. "Jan Ullrich was among [team doctor] Fuentes' clients, along with about 200 others, after claiming Tuesday that Basso was. Both riders have previously worked with Luigi Cecchini, mentioned in some stories as a friend and collaborator with Fuentes."

If you haven't visited in a while, don't forget the Oil is for Sissies blog. It's one of the originals.

Western Washington University cycling team in Bellingham, WA. How many other university cycling teams have their own website? How many other universities have a cycling team? My alma mater has one (organized while I attended in the mid-80s -- I ran cross country and didn't join cycling) -- Midwestern State in Wichita Falls is 6th in the nation out of 47 NCAA Division 1 cycling teams. What about your school?

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