Friday, May 26, 2006

Gas saving tips for the holiday weekend

I suppose it's a bit late to plan a short bicycle tour, but if you're traveling somewhere for the weekend, consider using a bicycle to get around, especially if you're visiting an urban area. A bicycle is the perfect way to get around the tourist areas of San Francisco, for example.

Frommer's published some gas saving ideas for your vacation: suggesting Vacations by Rail, a couple of bicycle touring outfits, bike rental offers and bus passes through Aspen Snowmass, and pointers to other ideas.

I'm sticking close to home this Memorial Day -- although "home" right now means flying 1000 miles to Colorado so I'm far from being conservationist. After that, though, will be house cleanup, chores, a church picnic this Sunday, and time with my family.

It's worth pointing out that Memorial Day is more than just a three-day weekend marking the start of summer. This day is set aside to remember those who died in the service of their nation. Remember them and their sacrifice.

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rubbish said...

Yep, remember the reason for the holiday! We are biking down to the local cemetary this weekend.