Sunday, May 21, 2006

Weekend updates

The Amazing Shrinking Man posted his own interview of Joan from Super Sized Cycles.

Tyler Hamilton will participate in the Washington Mountain Bicycle Hillclimb this year, according to event promoters. "We are very delighted he is coming," said Mount Washington Auto Road event coordinator Mary Power. "He is a huge presence on Mount Washington plus he is a local favorite since he grew up in Marblehead (Mass.) and went to school in Holderness."

BikeSmart is a program to teach safe riding in the road for children in Eureka, CA. It looks like a good, meaningful program that goes beyond just "wear a helmet."

Ugh, this is awful.

St. Petersburg Mayor rides his bike to work.

Taxi vs Bike. Bike wins. For my commute, it's about 50 minutes by car, 65 minutes by bike, and anywhere from 90 to 120 minutes by public transit.

If you ride with the flow of traffic in California, you're legally entitled to take whatever lane you want to. Rock on.
Photo info: Super Stunt by Mareen Fischinger.

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