Monday, August 03, 2009

National Stop on Red Week August 2 - 8

Who'd a thunk that there's a National Stop on Red Week? The "National Campaign to Stop Red Light Running" works to draw attention to the problems of running red lights.

In 2007 in the U.S., almost 900 people were killed and an estimated 153,000 were injured in crashes that involved red light running.

According to the Campaign, public costs exceed $14 billion per year, and more than half of the deaths in red light running crashes are other motorists and pedestrians. There is no doubt that red light runners are dangerous drivers who irresponsibly put others at risk. In America's cities ― where too often the yellow light has come to symbolize "hurry up" instead of "slow down" ― red light running is the leading cause of all urban automobile crashes.

Several police departments have stepped up red light enforcement this week, and I've seen several reports that cyclists are surprised to get caught in this sting, too. Stop at the red, please, and thank you.

Video below from red light photo manufacturer American Traffic Solutions.

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Mark said...

Oh I hope some cyclists decide to honor this particular holiday. I don't see many cars run red lights during my commute (some do, but not many) but i see many cyclists running them.