Sunday, November 01, 2009

Bicycle social networking

I have an account on Veloist, which is a NING based social networking site for bike fanatics like you and me.

Other NING based bike forums I'm a member of are Velo Reviews, Cycle Social UK, and Fixed Gear Republic.

You can also find me at at Twitter, Flickr, YouTube.


Steven Vance said...

I just came across a new one, launched this year, called PedalRoom. One of the members of the site (or creators) commented on a couple of photos of my bikes asking me to join the site.

The site is more about your bike than the owner, if that makes sense.

It's very similar to which has been around for several years.

Also, it seems most cities with 250,000+ population have a forum dedicated to fixed gear bike riders. In Chicago, we have

Jym said...

=v= Chicago also has The Chainlink, a Ning-based forum that welcomes folks with derailleurs. ;^)

Jose said... is a social networking site for all cyclists. It has a ton of neat features such as maps, blogbooks, bike pages, and trip planning. I am one of the owners.