Friday, November 13, 2009

Follow Friday: The cost of driving

Happy Friday, all. I totally missed it's Friday the 13th until I saw this comment.

Steve in Chicago posted thoughts and photos of damage caused by car wrecks, especially when those cars run into bike facilities. He's asked for more photos of auto imposition, so I sent him this.

City crew replacing damaged street sign

That sign might have cost roughly $500 to replace, but this stuff adds up. There are about 6.4 million car crashes annually in the United States. Beyond the human cost of 2.9 million injuries and 40,000 deaths from these crashes, there's a direct financial impact of $230 billion.

Rich Risemburg in Los Angeles looks at the financial benefits to commuters and businesses when you encourage cycling in Bucking the Cycle.

Is car sharing good for cities?

It's the Department of TRANSPORTATION, not the Department of Cars.

One of many 2010 Bike Ladies Calendars.

Have a great weekend! I'll be at the south Branci40 Dr entry of Delaveaga Park in Santa Cruz 10 AM Saturday morning if you want to say hello.

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Jym said...

=v= Autolib'? Seriously? I remember when that was a joke along the lines of Paris Hilton being the mayor of Paris. Ms. Hilton prefers the Bentley brand of car suckage, you see, so naturally her program would be called Bentlib'.