Monday, November 30, 2009

Cycling Chicago to St. Louis

Roger Kramer in St Louis published a letter supporting the creation of a bike sidepath along U.S. Route 66 through Macoupin and Montgomery Counties in southern Illinois.

The historic and iconic Route 66 begins in Chicago, IL and, like the song says, passes through St. Louis. That prompted the question from me: How would one bike from Chicago to St. Louis?

It turns out the League of Illinois Bicyclists publishes a very handy Route 66 guide to promote cycling along this National Scenic Byway down the length of Illinois. The guide is published in a downloadable booklet, with each segment showing a 50 to 60 mile segment of the route, cue sheets, and a list of convenience stores, restaurants, lodging, camping, bike shops and Amtrak stations near this cycling route. It looks very handy for anybody planning a bike trip from Chicago to St. Louis.

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* League of Illinois Bicyclists Route 66 Guide.
* Roger Kramer and a Route 66 side path in Southern Illinois


murphstahoe said...

The Riviera in Gardner (not Braceville) is closed.

Amusing - the Braidwood Motel in Braidwood is the "Braidwood Inn" from the movie that proved that bikes are the best form of transport around - Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.

Yokota Fritz said...

So now I'm trying to figure out -- how did we go from talking Al Capone to 650 tires?

Roger said...

Thanks for the plug to my blog, Fritz.

Actually, if I were doing a trip on the Route 66 Trail -- and I plan to do that someday -- I would consider going from St. Louis to Chicago. The wind generally blows from the south or the west, so the ride would be easier going north than going south.

Yokota Fritz said...

Roger - thanks for that helpful tip!