Friday, November 13, 2009

Bike Video: 30 Seconds to Mars - The Ride

Remember when 30 Seconds to Mars asked for cyclists to show up for a video shoot in Los Angeles? Remember when we all wondered if Jared Leto rides a fixed gear bike?

Well, now we know -- it's a freewheeling singlespeed.

"The Ride" by 30 Seconds to Mars.

The blinky lights are really cool, especially in the tunnel. Now if only I knew what the lyrics, the music, the song, the random imagery of cyclists, horses, fires, and the wreck are all supposed to mean. Enjoy!

Update: And I just noticed BSNYC already posted about this video. I need to move to the east coast!


mildstallion said...

Head east, and you will understand the bias!

Rich said...

Nice to see the Baseball Furies gang from The Warriors on bikes here. Guess they traded their bats in for Aerospokes.

Steven Vance said...

It seems at 3:03, Jared Leto is coasting. No fixed gear for him.

Anonymous said...

what kind of bike does jared ride? i want to buy that exact one! can anyone help? also if you know where i can get it that would be helpful.