Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Bikes, action, camera!

We've all seen the bike point of view videos from Lucas Brunelle, Macaframa, MASH SF and others. David Goodman writes a short history of bike messenger videos from David Leopold's appearance on Letterman to big screen films, TV pilots, and the ubiquitous Internet shorts in The New York Times City Room blog: "Cycling on Camera, in New York and Beyond."


kit said...

The turn of phrase probably should've read "Bikes, camera, action!" You don't want the action to start before you start rolling film. Typically the dialog goes something like this:

Director: CAMERA.
DP: SPEED. (when the film is rolling at speed)
Director: ACTION.

Not to be a know-it-all. God, I so am. :/

Yokota Fritz said...

So Kit, when are you going to create a bike video for a bicycle film festival?