Monday, January 25, 2010

Two shaft drive bike repair jobs in a week

The one fiddly bit was removing the shaft drive “cog” (or is it an “acorn”) from the hub, and then re-installing it. It is kept in place on the hub with a really burly C-clip, which is hard to both put on and to take off.

A once a year opporunity to dust up my skills and re-read all that documentation I’d downloaded months ago, cool!

But then this happened three days later...
Read more at Flying Pigeon LA: Flying Pigeon Repair Bay Getting the Shafts. Via Biking in LA, which always has interesting links.


Zyzzyx said...

Taking terminology from an automotive differential, which has a similar gear setup:

The gear on the hub would be the 'ring gear', while the gear on the shaft would be the 'pinion gear'.

Yokota Fritz said...

Good to know!

The Flying Pigeon LA guy posted some more thoughts about working on shafts over at his Flickr photo.

buy topeak tools said...

Great stuff!