Thursday, January 28, 2010

Vigilant Velo

Raymond is an avid cyclist who had a hand in creating MTBR back in the day. These days, when he's not riding his bike, he designs websites for bike companies.

He's been concerned about the seemingly higher numbers of cyclists getting hit by cars on the road, many times by motorists who were completely unaware of the cyclist's presence (this happened to me a couple of weeks ago). To improve motorist awareness, Raymond created these little stickers, perfect for your car rearview mirror to remind you to watch for cyclists.

These stickers are available as adhesive stickers appropriate for exterior surfaces, or static cling stickers for interior smooth surface use. Go visit Vigilant Velo to learn more.


Erik Orgell said...

Unless these stickers become standard equipment on all cars I'm not seeing much of a real world impact from them. Not that I don't applaud the effort, its just that uptake will severely limit its effectiveness.

Raymond said...

I actually agree with you Erik. Most of my support has come from other cyclists. Once we reach out to drivers, that's when we can really make effective change. Until then, it can start from us. I handed this to my 62 year old mom. Later on, she said, "I never knew so many people rode bikes.". I give the sticker and our conversation the credit for that added awareness. We, as cyclists, are purchasing the stickers for each other. I believe we can make a difference in that way. I should add that we don't need the sticker to strike that conversation with friends and family.