Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Winter bike to work day

Winter Bike To Work Day is tomorrow, January 20 in Boulder, Colorado, where the weather will be a pleasant 30 degrees or so with partly cloudy skies in the morning.

Chicago also will hold BTWD on Wednesday.

Toronto does a Coldest Day of the Year Ride on January 30. That is statistically the coldest day of the year in Toronto.

For winter bicycling inspiration, see Streetblog's gallery of winter cycling photos posted last Friday.


Anonymous said...

I wish that there were just more daylight. The temperatures here in Wisconsin are cold. But, for one day, it could be tolerated. To do that, though, I'd need to leave for home at 3:30. The job just doesn't allow for that. I just can't bring myself to ride in the dark -- even with lights. ---gregh3285

Steven Vance said...

Chicago's Winter Bike To Work Day is always held on January 20th, because that was the coldest day ever.

In 1985, the temperature was -27°F, with a wind chill of -83°F.