Thursday, September 29, 2005

Free bumper sticker

The first five people who link to Cycle-licious gets one of these bumper stickers from me for free. These are high-quality stickers with the text "SHARE THE ROAD. Same roads, same rights, same rules."

Here are the rules. From your blog or website, link either to Cyclelicious, the Boulder County Blog, or to any specific post within these blogs. Do not use the "nofollow" attribute in the link. Trackback to this post if you link to the root site; otherwise trackback directly to the post you're linking to. If you cannot trackback, leave a comment here, but consider adding trackback capability because trackbacks will have priority over comments. Ensure that I can contact you somehow to get a mailing address, either through an about or profile page that I can find or by contacting me directly. If you contact me, be sure to reference the web page or blog post you are linking from. Your content must be favorable toward bicycling -- I'll take the links from biker-haters, but you won't get the bumper sticker.

Smallprint: This offer is good only for U.S. and Canadian addresses and is void if it's somehow illegal at your location. If there's a technical glitch and I don't find out about your link, tough noogie. If I get your mailing address wrong and you never receive the bumper sticker, I owe you nothing.

Even if you're not in the first five, everybody who links to my blogs by Friday night at 6 p.m. Mountain Time (that I can track) will get a direct link back to your site in a post I'll make to Cyclelicious this weekend. More small print: I won't link to "bad neighborhoods", which are sites that can result in search engines downgrading the ranking of my site if I link to them. If you're already linked to these blogs, they don't count for the sticker giveaway or link exchange -- they must be brand new posts that occur as a result of this post. Yeah, I know this is cheesy, but I have the stickers and I need some way to figure out who to give them to.

If you can't or won't link to Cyclelicious or Boulder County, you can still buy the bumper stickers for really cheap at ProBicycle. Just be sure to select the correct link to PayPal depending on if you're paying by credit card through PayPal or if you're paying directly from a PalPal account. It makes a difference and it'll save some work for Mr. Clark.


Mikhail Capone said...

Off topic:

You might be interested by this:

gwadzilla said...

I need to make some stickers

Greg Biske said...

Nice site ! I just linked it to my blog site !