Friday, September 30, 2005

Observations on bicycle commuting

Grant Petersen is the founder and owner of Rivendell Bicycle Works. His 30 years as a bicycle commuter more than qualifies him to offer his opinions and observations about bicycle commuting. Here are some of his more interesting points:
"There are only five types of people who commute on bikes: Athletes who use their commute as training or time-on-the-bike; People who don’t have cars or access to convenient public transportation; Bad drivers who’ve had their licenses suspended; Practicalists whose commute is easier by bike than it is by car; and People who just plain like pedaling a bike."

"Dress as much as possible like the motorists who ride along with you. That way, they’ll see you as one of them and be more likely to treat you well."

"Riding never gets easier, you just go faster, but the effort remains about the same."

"When you commute by bicycle, little things like that don’t have to matter, but they start to matter whether you plan for it or not."
Read the entire article for more.

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