Monday, February 12, 2007

Free bikes for bike commuters

Dahon Bicycles was founded and exists for the purpose of convincing "more people, organizations and governments to use more environmentally sustainable forms of transport." The company was started because of the oil crisis in 1975, after the company founder got tired of sitting in gas lines and started riding a bicycle to work. David Hon introduced his first folding bicycle in 1982, designing it specifically for mixed-mode commuting.

It seems appropriate, then, that the company offers a free bike to Dahon employees who bike to work at least three times a week. “We’ve been studying all of our business operations to see how we can operate in a more environmentally sustainable manner," says Hon. "Employee transport seemed like a great place to make an impact."

Via Biking Bis.

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bikefridaywalter said...

Bike Friday offers its employees a ~$300 at-cost discount (it sounds small, but goes a long way), REGARDLESS of whether or not they bike to work. Makes sense to encourage ridership among the non-riders, too, no?

A similar philosophy exists at fellow wind-powered business New Belgium Brewing (Fat Tire Ale). I think you have to be there a year, but you get a custom Fat Tire Cruiser. Very cool! And they don't even MAKE bikes! I guess great minds think alike. And in more ways than one: the owner is also a Bike Friday customer.

Speaking of the competition, have you seen our new superfolder? Let me know what you think!