Saturday, February 24, 2007

Podcast Saturday

It's a rainy, cool Saturday so I'm in the house listening to cycling podcasts while I clean the house and cook up a batch of my locally famous chili.

Today, I listened to Dave's latest FredCast and the Rogue Mechanic.

Dave has been covering the Amgen Tour of California, even scoring a ride in a team car during yesterday's Time Trial in Solvang, California. He starts the FredCast with discussion about the power play between the UCI and the Grand Tour people. He then talks with author David Shields about his book The Race: A Novel of Grit, Tactics, and the Tour de France.

FredCast kind of scooped me in this podcast and the last -- I've been trying to arrange an interview with Saul Raisin for Cyclelicious. If you aren't aware of his story, Raisin crashed last April and fell into a coma. After he came out of the coma, he's been having to go through therapy. Raisin started riding (but not competing) again just this last month, riding the route of the Tour of California before each stage.

Dave Shields is writing Saul Raisin's story. The tidbits I know are already amazing; I plan to buy and read the book immediately after it comes out this September.

Rogue Mechanic

In VeloNews an issue or two back, Litespeed included some stickers with "Carbo-Camoflauge technology cleverly disguises your genuine titanium Litespeed as a run-of-the-mill carbon fiber bike, virtually guaranteeing that you can ride completely unnoticed by anyone." (Har har har). John -- the Rogue Mechanic -- confesses he doesn't "get" Litespeed's anonymity kit promo. He also talks about potential service issues with Campy's new Ultra Torque Crankset, and offers to help customers out with SRAM's recall of their Force brakes.

The secret to my chili? Use fresh Jalapeno peppers (for the flavor, not the heat) and real steak, not hamburger meat.


Camille said...

Fritz! Post that chile recipe! Pretend that it is a necessity for all bike commuters!

Fritz said...

My chili recipe is simple:

* Around a pound of whatever meat is on sale. Tonight, this happened to be leftover ribs from the other day.
* A small onion.
* One or two peppers (serrano or jalapeno).
* Three or four or seven tomatoes.
* Garlic.
* Salt and pepper to taste.
* Optionally, a can of kidney beans. I know the Texans will freak out on this, but I like beans in my chili.

Cut all ingredients into smallish pieces; press or grate the garlic. Brown the meat, onions, pepper and garlic. Throw in the other ingredients and let it stew for an hour or three. Enjoy.

If you can smoke the meat, that makes the chili even better.

Roger said...


With those beans in your chili, it sounds as if you spent some time in the Midwest! :)

Sounds like a great recipe. I'll have to try it sometime.

Fritz said...

Even when I lived in Texas I liked beans in my chili. Tomatoes is another contentious ingredient. I don't really care for "Cincinatti-style" chili like they serve at Steak and Shake in the Midwest.

I forgot to mention to have some sort of liquid on hand to keep your chili from drying out too much. Options I've seen have included water, coffee, beer, Dr Pepper and tomato juice or V-8. Something with a little sugar can help to cut through the tomato acidity.