Monday, February 12, 2007

This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb

Sue left a comment about the "This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb photo I used to illustrate my Yahoo Pipes article. I remembered the Ohio Incident with this sticker, but I had forgotten the sticker is for a a punk rock band.

Here's the Wikipedia article that probably has the most detail on the band, the labels, and -- count them -- three separate incidents of "bomb scares" because somebody thought a bomb would really be labeled as such. So, perhaps, the Boston bomb scare isn't as unusual as I might like to think.

Speaking of Pipes, I've found a couple of other useful cycling-related Pipes: This pipe keeps an eye on bike postings in the New York metro area. This Pipe is similar, looking for fixies for sale in Philadelphia.


Paul Tay said...

Fritz, you know BETTER than posting a provocative headline. If the cops start shaking bicyclists and accusing us of TERRORISTS, guess what? YOU are on the HOOK.

Can you say defamation, people?

Hjalti said...

Sometimes the bike really is a pipe bomb.

Hjalti said...

Ha, I just hit your front page and saw you were already on it. Good Job!