Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Google maps now shows Bay Area transit

Google Maps now shows a limited subset of transit stations in the San Francisco Bay area and other U.S. cities.
Google Maps and transit stations

Caltrain stations, BART stops and some VTA light rail stations are shown on the map. Even ACE stations are included, as are Amtrak stations in California and nationwide.

In the Bay Area, San Francisco Municipal Railroad stops are missing unless they happen to be at the same location as BART stations. Most VTA light rail stations are listed, though the Winchester line running south from San Jose Diridon to Winchester is missing.

Elsewhere in the US, Chicago CTA stops and Metra stations are listed. New York City, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Boston, Los Angeles.

U.S. cities with light and commuter rail that have not been included are Dallas/Fort Worth, Denver, Las Vegas, Pittsburg, King County WA, and St. Louis.

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Warren T said...

Building outlines was part of the same update to Google maps, and are available for most larger cities. I'm still hoping for bike paths...