Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Bicycle news

There's a lot's going on the world of cycling in this second week of 2008!

Cute story in the SF Chron: Kids Bike Sex Change. It involves duct tape and scissors. Spray paint is much easier and faster.

Reno, NV: Don't let the cold keep you off your bike.

Boston motorists blame bike lanes for traffic congestion. It's not as if there are too many other cars on the road.

Okay, so it's sad that this cyclist was killed in traffic. But does anyone else think it's kind of cool that this guy was 83 years old riding a bike around town?

Debate: who pays for cycling facilities?

Aussie cyclists: Railway bike ban briefly lifted.

San Francisco Caltrain bikestation grand opening (though it's actually been in use since last summer).

"Attack dog ripped my bicycle to shreds."

Jobs for bicyclists: drug dealer.

AlterNet: Are US cities ready for bike sharing?

A decent enough list of bicycle vacations, even if the site looks a little bit spammy.

I like this policy of an open work area at bike shops, but I can understand that mechanics need to get the work done.

Bike Hugger chronicles the bicycles seen at the Consumer Electronics Show.

Bike Winter Chicago 1896.

UK tax tip: Ride Your Bike in 2008.

Planet Bike has installed photovoltaic panels to generate electricity. Planet Bike's newly commissioned 10 kilowatt solar power system began generating electric power atop the company''s headquarters in Madison, WI. They expect the 48 panel system to more than offset the company''s energy needs and Planet Bike plans to sell nearly 2/3 of the sustainable electric power back to the city's power grid.

Trailer bike recall: Instep Pathfinder, Schwinn Runabout, and Mongoose Alleycat. These are all manufactured and distributed by Pacific Cycles and sold mostly through mass market retail outlets (e.g. Target and WalMart) and bike shops. Info on the recalls and affected models at Instep, Schwinn, Mongoose. The coupling connecting the child trailer to the adult's bicycle can fail, causing the child's bike to fall over.

There's also yet another recall from Cannondale: 2008 Scalpel mountain bike frames can break. See all Cannondale recalls here.

Raleigh Bicycle History (posted at my request).

Iranian university mountain biking team to compete in Malaysia.

Obligatory link to Jennifer's bicycle haikus about folding bikes.

Photo: Abigail Anderson Beyond Thunderdome by David Schloss, used with his permission.


Dr. Logan said...

Fritz- I'm not a helmet cop by any means; I just thought it was an interesting headline, and bike related, so I posted it. I assumed in reading it that they counted minor bumps and scratches, hence the "duh" I inserted at the end. I look at it as a seat-belt-in-an-airplane type of safety measure: in most cases it's not gonna do much, but if it does, great. If one has their own reasons for going without, more power to them. I look forward to a Utopian future where the helmeted and non can blog together in harmony.

Fritz said...

I blog together in harmony with everybody, Doc! You know my Big Tent is open for all kinds of cyclists.

Doc Logan is referring to my comment at his blog on some recent helmet research in Austin, TX. Those doing the research overtly have a political axe to grind after voters spoke in 2006 to reject mandatory helmet legislation in Austin.

Jennifer said...

"He explained that Hartwell Avenue is a two-lane road, but in the past few years motorists have been seen forming four lanes near the entrance to Hanscom."

Ha! I knew it! I think people make this complaint every time a road gets restriped, bike lane or no bike lane.