Thursday, January 03, 2008

Matthew Paris apology

Matthew Paris is the London Times writer who joked about decapitating cyclists. He apologized in his column today. Via Dave Moulton. More stuff below the cool bicycle montage.

snow biking

Paul Tay's latest venture?

L'Equipe: Compelling evidence shows that the entire T-Mobile squad doped.

It's COLD and SNOWY in big swaths of the United States and Canada, with more cold and snow on the way. Maybe it's time to finally get some studded snow tires.

Site of the Moment: Last night I met Uriah. He took Amtrak from his home near Tahoe to San Jose and was on the bus to Santa Cruz. After geeking out over the Strida I was on, he told me all about the Center for Appropriate Transport in Eugene, Oregon. Uriah used to work there. CAT works to manufacture, use and advocate sustainable modes of transportation. I think this mostly means they recycle bicycles, but they also build cargo bikes, family utility bikes and the like for sale to the public. The famous "Long Haul" cargo bike comes from these people -- this is like the Bakfiets cargo bikes, except they're made in America with CroMo tubing and decent components for the American market. Check their online catalog for other useful, made in the USA human powered products.

Only 45 more days to the Tour of California!

Photo: "Winter Road" by Stefan Jansson in Tungelsta, Sweden.


Anonymous said...

I just bought some Kenda Klondikes, after riding all last winter without. I LOVE THEM. []

SiouxGeonz said...

I liked the comment after the "apology" which stated that indeed, bullies almost always say "but I was only joking!" (and sadly, believe it).

James said...

I am sure that his apology had nothing to do with a desire to keep his job. Really, I have never seen a less sincere apology. It was more "sorry you were offended" than "sorry I said it".

Steffe said...

I don't have any winter tires on my bike, but it could be time for another bike collage, thanks for blogging my photo.