Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Listen to Fritz (and David and Donna) on The Spokesmen

I make an appearance on this week's edition of The Spokesmen cycling podcast. We talked about the local fatalities, the Tuscon Shootout, the baseball incident in Tuscon, the first prosecution using the new 3 foot law in Utah, Dave Zabriskie's Yield To Life campaign, the mess with Perry Nees and ASO and UCI and Astana, with some discussion on Michael Ball and Rock Racing when Donna shocked me by saying she didn't follow the Tour of California. Listen to the end for bloopers (we had beaceaups of them).

Just for Tim Jackson, who couldn't make the show because he's traveling to Taipei for the big bike show there: BUY MASI BICYCLES. For Tim Grahl, who couldn't make it because his MAC COMPUTER RUNNING LEAPORD kept crashing, visit the Crooked Cog Network. Carlton usually appears but he's having problems with Internet service. Donna is, of course, the marketing mind behind Kryptonite Locks and runs the Unbreakable Bonds blog.

I sound like a dork, as always, but I was still asleep when we recorded the show at 6:30 a.m. the day after daylight savings started, plus springtime means allergies for me. A couple of corrections: I called the Shootout a race, but it's just a big ride; and I said that Matt Peterson is a triathlete, but he's not.

Also, I said that I always hit cars in urban traffic, but that's not accurate. I very occasionally hit cars in heavy traffic -- I think it's probably happened twice so far this year in heavy traffic and it's something I avoid. I gave the impression in the podcast that I just ping pong willy nilly against everything in the road, but I want to clarify that I do not ride like that.

Here's a dramatic video showing Tyler Farrar's crash during the Prologue on Sunday. Via Ken Conley, who warns us that this video "contains language often associated with bike crashes." Indeed it does.


gttim said...

The same strange word has come out of my mouth with the same emotion in similar circumstances. I think it is universal.

Anonymous said...

Good interview. But how do you train law enforcement when the student is biased and lack concern to begin with?

Being run off the road by a large SUV while cycling with my sons, we got the license and the local police to stop the driver. His excuse was that "we were attacking his SUV" and claimed self-defense. No charges filed.

Rules are meaningless without effective and fair enforcement.

Stay safe and remember Sheldon,

bikesgonewild said...

...i enjoyed listening to the podcast...

Donna T. said...

Fritz - you did not sound like a dork...we are always harder on ourselves than anyone else will be...and for the record you couldn't sound like a dork because I carry that title on The Spokesmen - HA. Regardless, you did just fine...and I didn't hear one peep of a yawn or a sniffle, for that matter. I'm impressed.
"ping pong willy nilly"? I'm giggling as I read that. You are too funny....hope all of our schedules allow for us to do another episode soon!
Ride safe.

Fritz said...

Glad you liked the podcast, all. Thanks for the kind words.

Illinoisfrank said...

Nice job on the podcast to you and your colleagues. And FWIW, I agree wholeheartedly with Donna about the ToC and just about all the pro cycling events coming up. The infighting, the drug problems (both real and alleged) and the whining have me fed up. I'm going to use that extra time to ride more, stretch after riding and maybe post more to my little blog.

Ron said...

That prologue with wet roads, and technical nature, was very difficult. In the early part of the race, conditions were dryer so the starters made good time, compared to those who followed. It was a very weird situation.