Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Volunteers needed for Bike To Work Day

Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition seeks Bike To Work Day volunteers

The Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition is stepping up its efforts in preparation for Bike to Work Day, and they need your help. On the BTWD Volunteering page you will find a list of positions, including pre-event opportunities that you can do right now! Get creative and help create art and prose that will get the word out about biking to work this May!

Applying for a volunteer position is easy, just fill out the online form and the SVBC will provide you with all the information you need to get started. They are looking for business outreach, writers and reporters, videographers, photosgraphers, graphic artists, poster distributors, Energizer Station leaders, clean up crews, a band for the after-work party, party organizers, and more. For more information on volunteering for Bike to Work Day please visit svbcbikes.org/btwd/volunteer.

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Noah said...

It's been a real trip being part of the Bike Week planning committee here in KC. I'm organizing a few group commutes, most of which will be from various suburbs to the urban core. Also, as part of Earth day (April 22), I'll be volunteering with a few other commuters to demonstrate some commuting tips in advance of Bike Week.

The way I figure it, giving people some lead time to amass a few things they might have seen in use in April is a good thing, and then a few commuters leading others in on the first day of Bike Week might inspire others to keep trying it the rest of the week. I do plan on riding the whole week, so for all I know I may end up leading an unofficial convoy every day that week. You won't see me complaining.

We'll see how that plan works out.

I'm in my second year of bike commuting. Participating in Bike To Work Week last year was a blast and a bit of a turning point for me. If you haven't volunteered for an event like this before, I highly recommend giving it a shot. Maybe you'll just help serve breakfast. Maybe you'll help orchestrate an epic crowd pleaser. Who knows?

Regardless where you're from, ask around and see if there are Bike To Work Week/Day events planned and see what you can do to help.