Monday, March 10, 2008

Weight weenie

This is German cyclist Gunter Mai on a custom-everything seven pound bicycle. His clothes, shoes, hat, gloves and shades probably weigh more than his bike does.

lightest bicycle - 7 pound custom SPIN frame with Lew wheelset

One of the more popular search phrases for Cyclelicious is lightest bicycle or "lightest bike." James at Bicycle Design just posted about a new lightweight contender, a seven pound wonder with custom everything -- custom $15,000 wheels that the owner subsequently shaved even further, a custom frame, and even custom rebuilt components. VeloNews has the details on what this seven pound bike is built up with. And see here for more photos of the cyclist, German Günter Mai, and the bicycle in action, along with photos of what he did to shave 30 grams from his wheelset.


Anonymous said...

Weight weenie? This dude's sporting a footlong. Hope some challenges him to ride it on PBP and he accepts. Lesson learned.

Fritz said...


Hey Walter, long time no see.