Monday, April 28, 2008

Bike lock instruction video

StreetFilms posted a great followup to Hal Ruzal's video in which he gives letter grades on the locking skills of bikes he sees in the neighborhood. Hal Ruzal is a mechanic at Bicycle Habitat in New York City.

In the sequel, he's joined by Bike Church founder Kerri Martin. They evaluate the security of bikes locked to posts, poles and fences with quality Kryptonite locks and low cost "Craptoenite" locks and chains. Watch and learn how to lock your bike.


SpecialPete said...

This is quite a funny video. Thanks for pointing it out.

Although, it seems like you almost need a trailer to carry the number of locks and chains shown on most of the bikes.

Fritz said...

*laugh* Oh yeah about the trailer :-)