Monday, April 07, 2008

Skirt guard in San Jose

I was cycling down Santa Clara Street in downtown San Jose last week when I looked south down 1st Street and I spotted a distinctive white Dutch style bike with a skirt guard the next block down on San Fernando. Since I'm crazy about bikes -- especially slightly unusual bikes -- I raced down 2nd Street to meet this stylish cyclist. I caught up to Dolin on San Fernando in front of San Jose State University. She's obviously a stylin' gal, and then I learn that Dolin is a fashion designer in San Francisco.

The bike is the Electra Amsterdam, which is equipped with chainguard, skirt guard, fenders and rack. Dolin also rides a vintage Raleigh around San Jose with her fiancé.

About that last photo -- I realize she's in the door zone, but she was trying to be helpful to me by scooting right momentarily so I could take her cycling photo.

You can read more about Dolin and her Bay Area commute over at Commute By Bikes. She also blogs about her craft projects at Lulu Bliss.

San Jose bike commuter

Dutch style cyclist in San Jose

Dutch style bicycle in San Jose

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bikesgonewild said..."skirt guard in san jose"..., adding "stalking" to your resume, huh ?...

..."a skirt guard warning has gone out in the san jose area today...a man on a dark grey raleigh w/ known panda photo habits was seen chasing down innocent cycling victims earlier...forewarned is forearmed, ladies"...