Sunday, April 20, 2008

Felt Curbside fixed gear bicycle

Bike Snob NYC hates the Felt Curbside fixed gear / single speed bike, calling it "the high water mark of dorkitude." The urban fixed gear kids all hate how ugly it is because of the compact geometry, recessed track ends, internal cable routing and Slipstream racing teams argyle patterned top tube pad and saddle. They even complain about the shorty flat bars on this bike.

Felt reports, however, that they can't keep this $700 lime green Curbside bike in stock. My daughter Ivy loves the Curbside because it's pretty and she can pick it up.

Felt Curbside argyle top tube pad and saddle

The Curbside even comes with a swanky 15mm wrench mounted to the bottle cage mounts.

Felt Curbside wheel tool Felt Curbside singlespeed fixed gear bicycle Felt Curbside argyle top tube pad

As far as I'm concerned, I really don't care what kind of bike you ride. If you like the Felt, feel free to go out and ride it. The aluminum Felt Curbside weighs about 18 lbs or so, with carbon fiber fork, long reach brakes with enough room for fat tires and fenders, and flip flop singlespeed / fixed hub with 16t on both sides and a 39t chainring. This simplifies to 16 skid patches.

This Felt Curbside was seen at the 2008 Sea Otter Classic in Monterey, California, which will be completely over by the time you read this.


Peter said...

Argyle is legit. Anyone who says otherwise is obviously deranged, and needs professional help.

Anonymous said...

Hey that looks like a beer bottle opener on the other end of that wrench...better be for Dad only.

Fritz said...

That's for root beer, Jack. Like what Snoopy drinks.

bikesgonewild said...

...btw, it looks like a certain young lady is about to develop a expensive bike habit...hey, dad, i needa ... ...

gwadzilla said...

I went to a party some months back

there was a messenger there
he started bagging on my and my urban chic

well... actually... he asked, "are you a messenger?"
which I of course heard as... "I am a messenger... you are not... why are you dressed how you are dressed"

which makes me think

why would someone new to the game rag on the new breed?

there is someone older who has been doing it longer

and well

everyone was a freshman once

chris said...

It's so funny how so many people feel threatened by some kids wearing thrift store clothes while riding a bike with one speed. The very audacity of a new generation of kids getting excited about riding must be your worst nightmare. I think what most pisses off bike store employees is that these kids are just buying bikes; no spandex, no power bars and no special shoes. Ride your bike the way you want to and don't worry about if other peoples drive train is as expensive as yours.