Thursday, April 10, 2008

Over 500,000 children's head injuries are recorded each year!

So protect your child and buy this product TODAY before it's too late.

I can see a legitimate need for that product (children with special needs, bruising disorders and so forth), but the extra padding for everyday children seems a bit much.

Something I keep meaning to mention is Cozy Beehive. Ron, the author of Cozy Beehive, is a mechanical engineer, avid cyclist, and a Category 4 racer. He's been blogging about bikes for a couple of years now but I first noticed Cozy Beehive a few months ago. I've bookmarked a whole pile of pages from his blog intending to link to them in posts here from Cyclelicious, but pretty much all of his posts are good so just go visit his blog and subscribe to his feed already.


295bus said...

Why just for kids? The world is full of banana peels, sticks, power cables, etc that could result in a crippling head injury even for the fully grown!

Anonymous said...

I agree! That is why I always wear my helmet, even to bed! (You never know when a particularly violent dream causes you to fall out of your bed!) I also have a set of knee and elbow guards.

Art said...

To get 500,000 they must have used a fairly broad definition of "head injury". Probably the kinds of bumps and scrapes that every single one of us got when we were kids, right about the time that we (well, most of us) learned to stop smacking our heads into things. Shielding small children from that kind of feedback can severely restrict their ability to learn how to interact with their environment.

Ron said...

Thank you for mentioning me Fritz. I keep checking your blog from time to time. Keep the posts coming.