Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Shoe bicycle video

Everybody has seen the old photos of the bicycle with shoe tires. Max Knight built another shoe bike and had professional photos taken of it.

They even took video of the shoe bike in action. More at Yorgo Tloupas Arkitip Intelligence. Via -> Via.


SiouxGeonz said...

Okay, okay, enough with the shoes!

I get ot work and there's an email about a "soles for souls" drive... and now this shoes on the bike...

... this morning I neglected to "un-clog" my shoes so I was wearing them with the heels flopped down. I've also neglected to put my toe clips back on b/c I couldn't get holes in the power grips. So when the chain did a little jump, my foopt slipped off the pedal... and my wheel grabbed my shoe off my foot and rammed it up into the wheel and wrapped the fender around like a pretzel (kinda like that famous picture of the squirrel only nicer). Over the handlebars we go! Fender, R.I.P. Bontrager Hard Case Tire - Amazing!!! A little chewed up by the metal fender-holder but any other tire would have been shredded.

Put your shoes all the way on, good people.

Fritz said...

On no! I hope you're okay. TOo bad about the fender -- is it at all repairable?

SiouxGeonz said...

Layers are good. Minimal Bloodless road rash and a nice handlebar-impact bruise on a thigh. I don't think even in the "hurt worse tomorrow" category ;) Yes, I'm lucky as shit :)
The young guy said it was shot and I could see my guru thinking "well, not really!" ... but he's going to look in his basement for a spare 'cause he's trashed rear ones.

295bus said...

I guess one 20 foot ride counts as a success.

My daughter (7) says: "I think wheels are better!"

I wonder if there might actually be practical applications to the idea. If you replaced wheels with a whole lot of really tiny feet, and made the shafts (legs?) really springy, maybe you could bike up/down stairs. Just kind of flow over irregular surfaces.