Friday, September 04, 2009

Bicycle Dreams Movie

I watched Bicycle Dreams this last weekend. Bicycle Dreams chronicles the 2006 Race Across America.

I've never been keenly interested in RAAM. Like director and editor Stephen Auerbach when he signed on to doing this project, I didn't think a bunch of bikes crossing America at 15 mph could be too exciting, but the drama of how these people push themselves is stunning. Auerbach was inspired and moved by the achievement of these unknown endurance athletes, and the heart he puts into this project is very evident. So far, Bicycle Dreams has won six film festival awards (and counting) and for very good reason.

I'll post a fuller review later (hopefully next week), but for now I'll tell you this is a worthwhile film to see. I'm not quite inspired enough to push myself across the country in 9 days, but I did want to hop on my bike and see a little of the country side after watching Bicycle Dreams. I'll also have a copy to give away in the near future.

For much more and to purchase, visit Bicycle Dreams website.


LegoAndy said...

Ouch... Crossing the country at 15 mph? The 15 mph includes sleeping, so their actual speed is much higher.

Yokota Fritz said...

You know the guy who wins this all the time is a fellow Slovene?

LegoAndy said...

Well, until this year. They kind of messed up with him by adding a bunch of penalties to him but not to the other riders. And they ignored the physical evidence of other cyclists violating the rules.

I actually sponsored Marko Baloh (also from Slovenia) this year. He was #3.

Yokota Fritz said...

Oh cool. Marko was in the 2006 race also (in the movie). And that Jure Robic is a beast. I was wondering how rules are enforced.

I'm very impressed with all of the participants. The sacrifices they make is amazing.