Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Outlier digs

Outlier started releasing their Fall '09 articles with this sharp looking Nailhead Cap made in collaboration with master milliner Victor Osborne and produced in New York City.

This cap is made with Nailhead worsted wool, which is normally used for suits. The subtle pinprick pattern gives it an incredible depth of texture, and as a fine suiting fabric it's made from the softest and longest wool fibers available. That makes it one of the best performance fabrics around because the finer wools breathe better than cotton, and wick moisture into the inner core of their actual fibers.

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Later on this month, Outlier will introduce some pants, hoodie and sweater for casual cool weather cycling. They'll have them for the Urban Legend fashion show during Interbike.


Cliff said...

$90.00 for a cycling hat??

You Got To be kidding.

Jon said...

Yeah, but it'll look great with your Rapha bespoke suit.