Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Ride all of the City's bike paths

Comfortable in the shock-absorbing seat of his $120 Huffy mountain bike, Paul Kronenberg ascended the Brooklyn side of the Manhattan Bridge last Wednesday at a leisurely pace.

Two months and half a dozen crumbling bike maps later, he bagged his last bit of path: sixth-tenths of a mile along Chrystie Street in Manhattan.

He saw an advertisement for Bike Month that promoted 620-plus miles of paths crisscrossing the city, and he thought about riding them all. “That clicked in my head that it’d be something to do,” said Mr. Kronenberg, a “semiretired” calculus tutor. “I’ve always kind of kept track of mileage.”

Read more in the New York Times: Summer Quest Covers All of the City’s Bike Paths.

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Jennifer said...

That's awesome.