Friday, January 12, 2007

Apartments marketed for car-free living

The Bicycle Apartments in Bloomington, Indiana are marketed specifically to those who don't drive!
A new kind of apartment concept, The Bicycle Apartments are specially designed to accommodate those people who do not own a motorized vehicle. Bicycles will be provided at the request of any adult resident. The Bicycle Apartments are located right in the heart of downtown Bloomington, only 3 blocks from the courthouse square. Located near all the downtown shopping areas, the IU Campus, and only one block from the city bus route, you'll have access to all that Bloomington has to offer.
I've seen apartments marketed to recreational cyclists with features conducive to their 'active lifestyle,' but these are altogether different. Via Sue's Urbana Champaign Bicycle Commute.

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Anonymous said...

Now this is cool! I may well decide on IU after all! By the way, B-List Meme is going up at my place!

By the way, any idea as to why my MSN Space won't display with IE but will with Firefox? I'm mystified by it! I haven't made any coding changes in the blog!