Thursday, January 11, 2007

Bike sellers and advocacy

Pacific Cycle, owner and distributor of the Schwinn, Mongoose and GT Bicycles brands, has provided funds to help the Madison’s Platinum Biking Committee create a bicycle plan that, once implemented, will take Madison to a new level in biking.

Read more in the BRaIN.

Specialized Bicycles is very heavily involved in local advocacy efforts in Morgan Hill, CA, where they're headquartered. Specialized also provides funding for the California Bicycle Coalition and provides classroom space for California LCI training. Planet Bike is also well known for providing a portion of their profits to advocacy groups such as Thunderhead Alliance. Me, I contribute a measly few hundred dollars a year to advocacy groups, primarily at the local and state level.

Who else in the bike industry contributes gobs of money, time, and effort in bike advocacy?

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