Monday, January 22, 2007

Come work with Fritz

In about half an hour, Sun Microsystems and Intel will hold a joint news conference in San Francisco to highlight the details of a new "alliance" between Sun and Intel. Watch the announcement here.

The Register reports we'll "need to do some major tweaking to its servers." Given that our current servers are designed and optimized around the AMD Opteron chips, 'tweaking' is a bit of an understatement. There's much more involved than just rearranging pinouts and circuit board traces.

I work in Systems/x64 Engineering. There's the vibe, energy and excitement of a startup in our group in Menlo Park but with the backing and resources of a Fortune 500 without a lot of the bureaucratic headaches. And we're hiring -- hardware, software, technical writing and IT positions are all open here. In particular, I really would like an OS bringup person. If you have experience with Linux or Unix device drivers or kernel code and know something about PC BIOS and PC hardware architecture, please apply! This is for bringup of virtualization hypervisor software -- VMware's products in particular, but we touch on other things. The most important quality I'm looking for is the ability to catch on quickly.

Sun will help with relocation for the right candidate. We have showers, lockers and secure covered bicycle parking, though you can roll your bike into your office, too. Sun also participates in VTA EcoPass as well as the Bay Area Commuter Check program. VTA EcoPass allows you to ride all Santa Clara County VTA light rail and most VTA buses for free. CommuterCheck is a tax-free benefit to help you pay for non-VTA transit passes (e.g. Caltrain, SF Muni, BART, SanTrans, AC Transit, Dumbarton Express, etc). We work hard, but I try to take time out for lunch rides during the week, and there are dozens of regular bike commuters at my location.


sportcrazy said...

Tut tut Fritz, posting an internal link!

Anyway, you should have people mail their CV to you, you might get a referral bonus!

Michael said...

Any Marketing people needed? :-P